Francesca Grignani


I have explained which fruits I like best with a 3-variables graph (apples have won 🍏). Visualizing is the way I try to understand the world around me and when I discovered information design I just felt at home. I believe in courage, art as a means of communication and that working should be a way to build a better reality. I'm also down to earth, I promise. My background in a nutshell? 5+ years at PoliMi getting a bachelor in product design and an MSc in communication design, spiced up by one year in Beijing (gaining a double degree at Tsinghua University). After uni, I spent over a year working as a communication/information designer in an Italian hospital, collaborating with Risk Management and Health Management. Now I'm working as a freelance information designer.


I'm currently open to work, and I'm always happy to meet new people who share my interests or want to develop something together. Drop me an email at or contact me on Linkedin.