Francesca Grignani


An interactive visualization to engage with our deepest needs


November 2021


Data viz . Interaction


Full Project


Ai, P5.js

I developed this visualization as an exercise while approaching the javascript library P5.js, trying to merge my curiosity for frontend dev with my interest in self-awareness exercises and practices.
Personally, I find it very useful now and then to stop and identify what I truly need to make wiser decisions. Therefore, after considering different theories and representations of human needs (such as Maslow's, Kaufman's and Young's ones), I decided to take The Inventory of Needs developed by the Center for Nonviolent Communication as a starting point. Then, I tried to turn that list into a little tool that may stimulate a more articulate reflection and leave the user with a visual impression of which needs he feels the strongest at the given time in life.

I hope to be soon able to improve some interactions, but you can definitely give it a go here(if you're using a laptop)!